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Specialists in outdoor paving, walling products, pool tiles, retaining walls and landscape accessories since 1995, Pavers Plus is dedicated to supplying quality products from their extensive network of leading manufacturers. Their newest range of wall cladding tiles is no exception. As the exclusive distributor for Australia and New Zealand, Pavers Plus is proud to present the TONK range of concrete decorative wall cladding tiles from TONK Project.



Made from lightweight wet-cast Create A Masterpiece, the TONK range comes in an extensive array of textured designs that can be mixed and matched in an almost endless combination of patterns limited only by your imagination.
Weighing an average of 30kg per sqm, TONK is the ideal cladding for designers and architects. Available in individual units of a modular structure, TONK tiles are suitable for both interior and exterior use and are adhered to flat surfaces to create a textured finish that best suits the project’s requirements.

TONK tiles are available in a range of 10 standard colours, from Fresh Green to Faded Wine, or Tonk Nature to Dark Cuts and so much more. As the entire product is made of concrete, pigment is added to the mix so the finished unit comes out of the mold in the desired colour. Custom colours – utilising the Pantone catalogue – can also be created.