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Atenstone Limestone Bullnose-Limestone-400x400x40mm-Dave Colour-400x400x40mm
Size 400x400x40mm
Type Bullnose
Material Concrete
Finish Smooth
Use Indoor / Outdoor / Floors

Atenstone Limestone Bullnose-Limestone-400x400x40mm-Dave Colour-400x400x40mm
The appearance of natural limestone has been duplicated by Adbri Masonry in their premium wet cast Limestone paver. The rich surface texture has been carefully created to evoke the timeless appeal of a quarried European finish.

Pavers Plus recommend various methods for laying pavers. Pavers can be laid on a crushed rock and sand base or alternatively, a wet sand and cement mix. Consult a member of our sales team for more details on the installation method.

Stone Care

Sealing is recomended for all natural stone tiles and pavers. A range of sealers suitable for various applications are available. We do not recommend cleaning natural stone with hydrochloric acid.


This product is suitable for the following applications.

  • Natural stone
  • Concrete Pavers
  • Clay Pavers

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