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Grip and Fix

Grip and Fix

Grip & Fix is a solvent free high performance premium grade fast curing gap filling construction adhesive. Grip & Fix has many uses including: fixing battens window sills skirting boards window frames architraves trims wall and floor panels covings edge strips wall & floorboards polystyrene panels.Soudal T-Rex Power is a high quality single component SMX polymer based adhesive sealant with a high initial tack Excellent adhesion to most common building materials including wood MDF particleboard plywood fibre cement sheet plasterboard concrete masonry including brick and block work cement render polystyrene foam tiles ceramics and most metals. Over paintable when cured.  

Grip & Fix has a very high initial grab in both vertical and horizontal positions. Can hold heavy items on vertical surfaces of up to 140kgs per m2, based on 100% coverage. Best suited for applications where one surface is porous.

Stone Care

  • Very high initial grab
  • High strength
  • Low odour
  • Water clean up
  • Non slump

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