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Eco Safe strip
Size 20L
Type Non-Hazardous stripper
Finish Low sheen Semi-gloss, High-gloss
Use Remover (Stripper)

Eco Safe strip
The Nu EcoSafe Strip range was developed to be both more sympathetic to the environment and also safer for contractors and professional painters to use without exposure to harsh chemicals. Nu EcoSafe Stripper works by opening up the pores in existing coatings and traveling through these pores until it achieves complete penetration and reaches the substrate. This process induces physical stress in the coating which destabilises the adhesive bond between the coating and the holding surface.


Stone Care

Industrial Sacrificial Stripper, High Performance Stripper, Architectural Paint Stripper, Graffiti Remover, Concrete Etch, Rust Converter & Inhibitor, Industrial High Strength, Degreaser, OrgoClean Lichen Remover, Paint Brush Restorer & EcoZorb.