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Pavecoat H20
Size 20L
Type Water based sealer
Use Concrete driveways & floors, Stencil concrete

Pavecoat H20
PaveCoat® – H20 Concrete Sealer Water-Based Acrylic Concrete Sealer Nutech PaveCoat H2O is a single pack water-based acrylic concrete sealer and has been developed to achieve excellent penetration and adhesion characteristics to overcome the problems associated with traditional concrete sealer solutions in organic solvents. PaveCoat H2O forms a tough film on the surface. PaveCoat H2O concrete sealers are widely distributed in Australia in a wide range of colours and custom tinting.

Broom, roller, brush or airless spray is recommended, subject to suitable surface preparation.

Stone Care

Paving, Driveways, Factories, Workshop floors, Service Stations, Tilt slab construction, Asbestos and cement sheeting Slate flooring, Concrete roof tiles.

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