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Heritage Range
Size 1800x200x70mm
Type Sleeper Wall
Material Concrete
Finish Textured
Use Indoor / Outdoor / Floors / Walls

Heritage Range

Located on the Victoria NSW border Retaining Australia manufacture a range of pre-cast concrete sleepers for use in residential and commercial projects. Their concrete sleepers are used to construct retaining walls up to 2.4 metres high using galvanised steel uprights and retaining walls up to 1 metre high using concrete uprights.

Retaining Walls should be installed as per the manufacturer or structural engineer’s specification. Consult a member of our sales team for more details on the installation method

Stone Care
Retaining Walls do not have any specific care instructions. A sealer may be applied. Consult a member of our sales team for more details.


This product is suitable for the following applications.

  • Commercial
  • Residential
  • Retaining walls

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