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Tonk Dizzy
Size 16x10cm
Type Wall Cladding
Material Concrete
Finish Smooth
Use Indoor / Outdoor / Walls

Tonk Dizzy

Tonk Dizzy gives architects and designers the freedom to design their own unique wall surfaces. Tonk Dizzy’s unusual shape gives surfaces dimensional depth and casts unique patterns of shadow and light, transforming what could otherwise be a plain wall into a space’s focal point.

Pavers Plus recommend Mapei adhesives for installation of most cladding types. Natural stone may exhibit variation in color or texture and should be blended prior to installation. Consult a member of our sales team for more details on the installation method.

Stone Care
Pavers Plus does not recommend cleaning natural stone with hydrochloric acid or other acid based cleaners. Consult a member of our sales team for more details.


This product is suitable for the following applications.

  • Commercial
  • Residential
  • Walling Features
  • Facades

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