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Wurth A2 Decking Screw
Size 5.5x70x34 mm
Type Decking Screw
Material Stainless steel

Wurth A2 Decking Screw

Precise positioning and no splitting. Rapid spot drilling of the screw is no problem at all thanks to its special drill tip. Also prevents irritating splitting or rupturing of the wood, Clean and easy countersinking. Countersinking the small countersunk head is clean and easy, thanks to small diameter. Under-head milling pockets pick up protruding chips. However, with tropical hardwood, countersinking of the surface is recommended, as these types of wood have very short chips, Extremely robust The grooved shaft provides for additional screw strength as austenitic stainless steel (A2/A4) cannot be hardened. This virtually eliminates the possibility of the screw tearing off. AW drive for optimum locating and power transmission, The AW drive guarantees an excellent fit of the bit in the screw drive. This prevents wobbling impacts and sliding of the bit from the screw while screwing in. Notice - Screwing of hardwood decking boards, Preliminary tests are required for hardwoods. Pre-drilling of the wood may be necessary depending on the density and moisture level of the wood. It is recommended that the processing device be operated at a low speed. Proof of Performance ETA-11/0190

The range of applications of the various stainless steels is detailed in the following ISER table. Rustproof stainless steels (e.g. material no. 1.4016) are recommended in terms of atmospheric conditions only for use in a rural environment, and in this respect only subject to significant restrictions.

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