Pavers Plus teamed up with Candeo Design, Semken Landscaping and Block Construction to present ‘Metropolis’ garden at Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show 2017. The garden was awarded both the Silver Medal and Winner of “Best Use of Plant Life” and was the result of six months of careful planning and six weeks of construction. 

The brief for Pavers Plus was straight forward: To showcase the variety of products available at Pavers Plus including products from the natural stone, masonry block, TONK architectural cladding and glass mosaicsranges.  It remained important, however, to allow Candeo Design creative freedom over the design and plant selection, and make space for Semken Landscaping and Block Construction to showcase their expertise and experience in delivering construction and landscaping projects. ‘Metropolis’ features large, imposing, bluestone-clad planters topped with towering trees and cascading plants. The design was set out on a grid with its straight lines representing an abstract of the Melbourne CBD as a garden city Metropolis.