Sandblast Bluestone

Sandblast bluestone is a speciality bluestone that is blasted at high velocity with air and sand to create a unique, consistently textured surface. This treatment leaves the material with a slightly scratched surface, while also lightening the tones slightly, providing an alternative to traditional bluestone colours. With a light blue-grey colour, sandblast bluestone is a stylish choice that suits a range of residential and commercial projects. 
Due to the sandblasting process, sandblast bluestone’s textured surface makes it non-slip, so it's perfect for outdoor use and in high-traffic or wet areas, such as around the pool or walkways. 
A dense, durable stone, sandblast bluestone is low-maintenance and long-lasting, so your exteriors will look great for years to come.  
Sandblast bluestone is a special order item and can be made to order in custom shapes and sizes. Get in touch with the Pavers Plus team to enquire