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Other Products

Pavers Plus stocks a full range of adhesives, waterproofing membranes, grouts and silicones from Mapei, along with a range of cleaning & sealing products from Lithofin, Dry Treat and Miteq. These products are the best on the market in each of their respective fields, so you can have confidence that your paving area is being treated with the best quality products available.


Mapei are renowned industry-wide for having the highest quality paving & tiling installation products on the market, from adhesives and waterproofing membranes, to silicones, grouts and beyond. Click the link to view the full range of Mapei products kept in stock at Pavers Plus. 

Mapei Keracolor FF grout
Lithofin Stain-Stop Sealer


Lithofin's German-manufactured products are known as the best available sealers on the market, and include a range of both water-based and solvent-based sealers for use on natural stone and concrete products, whether that be outdoor or indoor paving areas, benchtops or anything in-between. Click the link below to see the range of Lithofin products available at Pavers Plus.

Lithofin Stainstop Plus sealer
Lithofin Stain Stop W water-based sealer
Lithofin ASR Alkaline Special Remover cleaner

Dry Treat

Similarly to Lithofin, Dry Treat is also regarded as one of the highest quality sealers on the market, with products available for all types of paving areas and benchtops. With a long-lasting consolidator product in their range, this makes Dry Treat the preferred sealer for travertine, limestone and sandstone products around swimming pools. See the full range available at Pavers Plus below. 

Dry Treat Stain-Proof sealer
Miteq 103 Pentrating Sealer
Miteq 304 Cleaner
Miteq 301 Sealer


Pavers Plus has a long-standing relationship with Miteq, and their DIY-friendly sealing products make it a very popular option amongst those who are tackling their own paving job. Miteq's specialty is in their cleaning products, having a full range of cleaners designed to target common stains on paving areas such as mortar, grout haze, efflorescence, mould, and more. View the full range below.

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