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Skimmer Lids & Drains

Skimmer Lids are a great way to add seamlessness to your pool surround and ensure that you have the perfect finishing touches to provide you with the nicest possible relaxation space. Pavers Plus stocks both AQUEA polymer lids, and HIDE stainless steel lids, both with the ability to encase tiles, pavers, concrete or decking. Similarly, our range of tile insert and grate drains provided by Lauxes Grates will provide a classy solution to the drainage points in your paving area, and are available in a range of different styles and colours. 


All options 342x342mm

V-Lock Skimmer Lid 8-11mm

V-Lock Skimmer Lid 12-16mm

V-Lock Skimmer Lid 15-22mm

V-Lock Skimmer Lid 25-32mm

  • Products listed as stock items are subject to availability.

  • Lead times are approximate and may vary due to circumstances outside the control of Pavers Plus.

  • Call to chat to our sales staff regarding the most up-to-date lead times prior to ordering.

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DIY Skimmer Lids