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Concrete pavers, clay pavers, outdoor paving, backyard pavers, pool paving, patio pavers

Concrete & Clay Pavers

Whether it be a pathway, driveway, pool surroundings or entertaining area, Adbri Masonry & National Masonry's concrete pavers are an effective way to utilise the space in your environment. Concrete pavers have been manufactured over the years to be high in quality and abundant in colours and textures. Available in a range of shapes, sizes and price points, you will be sure to find a product suited to your needs and budget.

Pavers Plus also supplies a range of Austral Bricks clay products in a comprehensive range of colours. Clay pavers are available in a range of deep rich colours for a classic look, perfect for use in older and period homes. We also supply low-maintenance options in a range of contemporary colours to suit any outdoor aesthetic. View the range below

Concrete Pavers

Clay Pavers

Installation, Cleaning & Sealing

For paving on crushed rock, we recommend an 80-100mm compacted crushed rock base, with the pavers to then be laid on either 20mm of fine washed sand to act as a levelling agent, or a 20-40mm mortar bed.

All concrete pavers are porous to varying degrees and must be sealed for protection in any outdoor or indoor setting. Pavers Plus supplies and recommends a range of solvent-based and water-based penetrating sealers, including Lithofin, Dry Treat & Miteq products. Any travertine, limestone, sandstone and concrete products being used around swimming pools must also be consolidated using Dry Treat 40SK Consolidator. Speak to our sales team for more information.

All paving products require periodic cleaning in order to maintain their appearance over time. Pavers Plus supplies & recommends various cleaning products designed to target specific stains such as mould, timber stains, cement-based stains, and also for general upkeep. 




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