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Retaining Wall Blocks

Pavers Plus is a Gold-Certified reseller of Adbri Masonry retaining wall products. We keep the majority of Adbri's range of concrete retaining wall blocks in stock, including finished blocks and grey besser blocks for all sorts of projects. A large portion of Adbri's range of finished retaining wall blocks are interlocking, which makes them a fantastic DIY-friendly option for those looking to spruce up their outdoor area.



Installation & Cleaning

When building an interlocking block retaining wall on a crushed rock base within the block's minimum unreinforced height, Pavers Plus recommends a base of at least 80-100mm thick, with the first course to be laid on a minimum 50mm mortar bed. Once the first course is level, additional courses will stack on top of each and interlock. Blocks must then be core-filled and back-filled with screenings. Walls being built above the block's regular height allowance must be constructed on a reinforced concrete slab, and in some cases, must be specified by an engineer. Speak to our sales team for more information prior to installation. 

All masonry block products require periodic cleaning in order to maintain their appearance over time. Pavers Plus supplies & recommends various cleaning products designed to target specific stains such as mould, timber stains, cement-based stains, and also for general upkeep. 




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