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Travertine & limestone pavers, travertine tiles, travertine pavers, limestone tiles, limestone pavers, natural stone paving, natural stone tiles

Travertine & Limestone

If you are looking for quality travertine & limestone pavers and tiles in Melbourne, then you are in the right spot! Our travertine & limestone pavers come in a range of colours and styles. Travertine is popular amongst Australian homeowners, it can be used both indoors and outdoors to create a seemless and stylish living space. Limestone pavers are a very popular paving product as the material is hard, durable and less porous than other products in the market, making it less susceptible to staining.

Travertine has been used in royal heritage and imperial palaces throughout the ages. It is formed from hot natural springs which gives its surface a natural variation, Travertine & limestone available in a range of creams and earthy blends in a variety of finishes from tumbled and unfilled to honed and filled.

Browse our range of travertine products and enquire online today. Alternatively you can visit our Melbourne showroom to view our full range of travertine & limestone tiles. 


Travertine & limestone pavers, travertine tiles, travertine pavers, limestone tiles, limestone pavers, natural stone paving, natural stone tiles

Stocked Products


Classic Medium 600x400x13mm
Classic Medium French Pattern 13mm
Silver 600x400x13mm
Silver French Pattern 13mm
Sierra Cream 600x400x13mm 
Sierra Cream French Pattern 13mm


Classic Medium 600x400x30mm
Classic Medium 400x300x30mm
Silver 600x400x30mm
Sierra Cream 600x400x30mm

Pool Coping

Classic Medium 600x400x60/30mm Rebated Square Edge
Classic Medium 600x300x30mm Bullnose
Classic Medium 600x400x30mm Tumbled Edge
Silver 600x400x60/30mm Rebated Square Edge
Silver 600x400x30mm Tumbled Edge
Sierra Cream 600x400x60/30mm Rebated Square Edge
Sierra Cream 600x400x30mm Tumbled Edge

Rebated Square Edge

Rebated Square Edge

Tumbled Edge

Tumbled Edge


Bullnose coping

*Custom sizing available on request - lead time 4-6 months

Installation, Cleaning & Sealing

For paving & tiling on a reinforced concrete slab, Pavers Plus recommends natural stone & porcelain be laid using Mapei Keraflex Maxi adhesive and grouted using Ultracolour Plus. Depending on the exact application, there may be a need for waterproofing or priming the area prior to installation of the stone, such as for use in bathrooms or on a fibreglass swimming pool. Speak to one of our friendly staff members for more information.

For paving on crushed rock, we recommend an 80-100mm compacted crushed rock base, with the pavers to then be laid on either 20mm of fine washed sand to act as a levelling agent, or a 20-40mm mortar bed.

All natural stone is porous to varying degrees and must be sealed for protection in any outdoor or indoor setting. Pavers Plus supplies and recommends a range of solvent-based and water-based penetrating sealers, including Lithofin, Dry Treat & Miteq products. Any travertine, limestone, sandstone and concrete products being used around swimming pools must also be consolidated using Dry Treat 40SK Consolidator. Speak to our sales team for more information.

All paving products require periodic cleaning in order to maintain their appearance over time. Pavers Plus supplies & recommends various cleaning products designed to target specific stains such as mould, timber stains, cement-based stains, and also for general upkeep. 




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