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Pantheon natural stone dry stone wall cladding for external and internal feature walls and water features

Free Form Wall Cladding

A staple of Pavers Plus is our commitment to sourcing the highest quality free-form natural stone wall cladding. We offer a variety of styles and finishes to meet your design specifications, and whether you are looking for a retaining wall, fire pit area, fireplace surround, feature wall or water feature, we will help find the perfect solution for you and provide a high-end finish that will look beautiful for years to come.

Our range of natural split wall cladding creates a traditional stone wall look, great for large retaining walls. Natural split wall cladding comes with a sawn back making it great for the DIY market. Contact us for further information.


Installation & Cleaning

When applying stone cladding to a wall, Pavers Plus recommends laying the stone on a solid substrate such as brick, masonry blocks, or compressed cement sheet using Mapei Keraflex Maxi adhesive. Depending on the exact application, there may be a need for waterproofing or priming the wall prior to installation of the stone, such as in bathrooms or a water feature.  Angles are required if installing over 1200mm height in a single day. Speak to one of our friendly staff members for more information.

All walling products require periodic cleaning in order to maintain their appearance over time. Pavers Plus supplies & recommends various cleaning products designed to target specific stains such as mould, timber stains, cement-based stains, and also for general upkeep. 




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