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HIDE stainless steel drain cover

HIDE Stainless Steel Drain Cover

The HIDE Stainless Steel Drain Cover can be used in most outdoor areas, including patios, decks and pathways allowing for a water intake compatible with a standard 90mm or 100mm drainage network. HIDE Drain Covers not only look amazing but provide superior safety and performance.

HDC314-10: 314x314x23mm (outer frame)
HDC314-20: 314x314x33mm (outer frame)
HDC314-30: ​​​​​​​314x314x43mm (outer frame)
HDC314-40: ​​​​​​​314x314x53mm (outer frame)

HDC342-10: ​​​​​​​342x342x23mm (outer frame)
HDC342-20: 342x342x33mm (outer frame)
HDC342-30: ​​​​​​​342x342x43mm (outer frame)
HDC342-40: ​​​​​​​342x342x53mm (outer frame)

HDC656-20: ​​​​​​​656x656x33mm (outer frame)
HDC656-30: 656x656x43mm (outer frame)

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