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HIDE stainless steel skimmer lid

HIDE Stainless Steel Skimmer Lid

The HIDE stainless steel skimmer lid can be used around any pool area and the tile insert design allows for seamless integration into any paving or deck area. Available in both 342mm and 306mm square sizes, the sleek design will add the finishing touch to your pool surround. 

HSL306-10: 306306x23mm (outer frame)
HSL306-20: 306306x33mm (outer frame)
HSL306-30: 306306x43mm (outer frame)
HSL306-40: 306306x53mm (outer frame)
HSL306-50: 306306x63mm (outer frame)
HSL306-60: 306306x73mm (outer frame)

HSL342-10: 342x342x23mm (outer frame)
HSL342-20: 342x342x33mm (outer frame)
HSL342-30: 342x342x43mm (outer frame)
HSL342-40: 342x342x53mm (outer frame)
HSL342-50: 342x342x63mm (outer frame)
HSL342-60: 342x342x73mm (outer frame)

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