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National Masonry Elpave concrete paver

National Masonry Elpave 240x240/120x80mm Concrete Paver

Interlocking segmental paving systems are engineered for high volume traffic and able to withstand heavy loading. Elpave™ is ideal for large carpark areas, hardstands, driveways, or any application that needs to withstand heavy vehicle loading. Elpave™ out performs traditional concrete or asphalt pavements as the greater the turning load applied to them, the stronger they interlock.

  • Outstanding heavy load performance
  • Excellent Skid resistance
  • Capable of machine laying for fast and cost-effective installation
  • Low maintenance and easy to repair
  • Proven durability
  • Can be used with poor foundation support
  • Manufactured locally by National Masonry® to strict Australian Standards
  • Techdry® additive to reduce water absorption

Concrete Base
For paving & tiling on a reinforced concrete slab, Pavers Plus recommends natural stone & porcelain be laid using Mapei Keraflex Maxi adhesive and grouted using Ultracolour Plus. Depending on the exact application, there may be a need for waterproofing or priming the area prior to installation of the stone, such as for use in bathrooms or on a fibreglass swimming pool. Speak to one of our friendly staff members for more information.

Crushed Rock Base
For paving on crushed rock, we recommend an 80-100mm compacted crushed rock base, with the pavers to then be laid on either 20mm of fine washed sand to act as a levelling agent, or a 20-40mm mortar bed.

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