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Adbri Masonry turf grid concrete grass paver

Adbri Masonry Turfgrid 420x315x90mm Concrete Grass Paver

Adbri Masonry's land stabilisation concrete grass paver is a simple solution to control soil erosion around your home. Strong and versatile, Turfgrid™ can also be used for agricultural and industrial applications, including cattle troughs, and is effective for driveways and garden paths where grass is often left muddy after rain.

  • Permeable paver – water passes into the ground
  • Grass grows through paver
  • Functional land stabilisation product
  • Driveways
  • Permeable paving
  • Cattle troughs and barns
  • Garden paths and walkways

Crushed Rock Base
Grass paver products such as Turfgrid, Turfstone and Grasspave should be laid on an 80-100mm compacted crushed rock base with 20mm of crusher dust to act as a levelling agent. Lay pavers directly on top of the crusher dust and haunch edge of whole area with mortar to keep them in place. Fill voids of pavers with soil and seed the area.

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