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natural impressions duostone retaining wall block graphite

Adbri Masonry Natural Impressions Duostone 300x100x160mm Retaining Wall

Adbri Masonry's Natural Impressions Duostone is a designer garden ideal for garden edging and retaining walls. The unique block profile features a contrast of a natural stone-like texture and a contemporary, smooth surface with the random fusion resulting in finished walls that boast a modern architectural appeal.

  • Graphite is an ultra-dark colour from premium oxides
  • Suitable for use with Torpedo™ Base Block

When building an interlocking block retaining wall on a crushed rock base within the block's minimum unreinforced height, Pavers Plus recommends a base of at least 80-100mm thick, with the first course to be laid on a minimum 50mm mortar bed. Once the first course is level, additional courses will stack on top of each and interlock. Blocks must then be core-filled and back-filled with screenings. Walls being built above the block's regular height allowance must be constructed on a reinforced concrete slab, and in some cases, must be specified by an engineer. Speak to our sales team for more information prior to installation. 

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