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miteq 303 chlorine-based masonry cleaner

Miteq 303 Chlorine-Based Masonry Cleaner

Miteq 303 Chlorine-Based Masonry Cleaner is for the easy and safe removal of timber stains, mould and mildew from clay bricks & pavers, terracotta, ceramic tiles, concrete, natural stone and cement based pavers.Cleaner 303 does not require scrubbing or pressure washing. Particularly effective for tiled shower recesses and removing mould from tile grout.

Available in 1, 5 & 20 Litre containers.

Completely saturate the stained area using a nylon brush. Normally timber stains can be removed without scrubbing or hosing off following application. However, if a sealer or paint is to be applied to the surface after treatment, wash thoroughly with clean water. Dispense only enough Cleaner 303 for one hours work, as ingredients dry with exposure. Always test a small area prior to commencement to ascertain the effect of the cleaner on the surface.

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