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slurrysafe AR acid replacement acid-free cleaner

SlurrySafe AR Acid Replacement Cleaner

SlurrySafe AR is a safe and complete acid replacement cleaner for traditional hydrochloric acid and other commonly used acid treatments without the associated dangers.

• 100% BIODEGRADABLE: Non Toxic, No VOC's, odourless environmentally friendly mixture.

• SAFE: Will Not Damage Vegetations and is Safe on Most Building when applied and removed correctly; Painted Surfaces, Pumps, Pipes, Glass, Wood and Most Metals. Warning: Corrosive to aluminium.

• CONCENTRATED FORMULA: Dilutable with water and is water rinsed to neutralise. No ammonia or sodium bicarbonate rinse necessary.

• DIY FREINDLY: Will Not Burn Skin and Does Not Contain Harmful Fumes.

• MULTIFUNCTIONAL: Non acid etch and Outstanding cleaning for Brick, Concrete, Tiles, Stone, Grout and Equipment.

• Cleans slurry off masonry and concrete surfaces

• Diamond tool and equipment cleaner

• Efflorescence & grout haze Remover

• Concrete etcher grinding aid

• Descaler and pH reducer 1pH

• Brick & grout cleaning

• Concrete cleaner

• Rust remover

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