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Stoneworks Antique Cobble Strip concrete paver

Stoneworks Antique Cobble Strip 400x100x40mm Concrete Paver

The unique texture of weathered and pitted limestone was the inspiration for our Antique Cobble Strips. The perfect choice for beautiful borders for any of the Stoneworks concrete paver range.

Concrete Base
For paving & tiling on a reinforced concrete slab, Pavers Plus recommends natural stone & porcelain be laid using Mapei Keraflex Maxi adhesive and grouted using Ultracolour Plus. Depending on the exact application, there may be a need for waterproofing or priming the area prior to installation of the stone, such as for use in bathrooms or on a fibreglass swimming pool. Speak to one of our friendly staff members for more information.

Crushed Rock Base
For paving on crushed rock, we recommend an 80-100mm compacted crushed rock base, with the pavers to then be laid on either 20mm of fine washed sand to act as a levelling agent, or a 20-40mm mortar bed.

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